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#tbt 11 years ago I booked a pilot called Kitchen Confidential - based on the Amazing #anthonybourdain. I wanted this role so badly- it was another brilliant show produced by @starmandarren who I had been lucky enough to work for twice. I got the part - on my birthday! - and met this actor who was playing Tony - who Id never heard of. This is Bradley and I at the press junket for the show in NYC . He had a small role on Alias before this , which I never watched. He was a loose cannon, an absolutely raw unpredictable & honest partner from day 1. We got along like a house on fire & the cast, crew & production - were a dream . I really thought “THIS IS THE ONE” . Alas- I’m on my 18th pilot season , & He went on to become an Oscar nominated actor, & now Director & Producer - which I knew was going to happen when I ran lines with him for this film he was up for called “ The Hangover”. Cut to- our show gets cancelled (too bad @foxtv cause it was brilliant) - he becomes a huge star & here we are. He asked me to play a small role in #astarisborn , & of course I said yes. My part ended up on the cutting room floor, which sucks , but as the wise @dave_annable said- I’m not angry. I’m genuinely so proud that I got to watch this man- who learned to play guitar , and @ladygaga do some of the most beautiful, honest, raw work I’ve ever seen. It made me remember why I wanted to do this in the first place. So for that- I am grateful. Not gonna lie- my ego is hurting- but it’s not the first time - & it won’t be the last. I wouldn’t recommend this job to the faint of heart. I’ve been fired, replaced , let go, cancelled, broken up with - more times than I can count after 20 years. Sometimes the hits just keep coming. But I’m honored I got to watch these two , and let me tell you- RUN - DONT WALK to see it. If you’ve ever been in love, lost, denied, hurt, suffering, broken hearted, addicted, left out or insecure- you will love this film. And the music- Good Lord. What Gaga has done , & Bradley , is incredible. My heart breaks for this music. I’ve been there. And so have you. I wish them all the best. This kind of story deserves it. #astarisborn #film #bradleycooper 🙌🏼⭐️⭐️💫

Bradley Cooper.
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